Lovely Vintage Velvet Platter Brim – reborn

Vintage Platter

Daria Wheatley – Vintage? It’s gorgeous. September 19, 2012•

Scout King – Yes, vintage. Dug it out of my stash and slammed some pretties on it for a client’s vintage British Car Concours this past weekend. Plain, it’s gorgeous. Dressed up, it’s gorgeouser. Will be recreating this hat as a staple item in my line; buckram brim is topped w/willow underneath that velvet fashion fabric – which, incidentally, is impossible to pick-stitch thru. Almost relieved it’s no longer available. – September 19, 2012

Scout King – And that odd hanging-down veiling in back won’t be a feature, BTW – was awaiting client approval before hacking off piece from bolt. – September 19, 2012